HOWTO: Use IdentD with OSX Yosemite

If you’re an Internet Relay Chat (IRC) user like me, you’re probably familiar with or at least have heard of an identd service. IdentD is simply a service that, when accessed on port 113 of a computer, returns a simple string that identifies you as a user. If you were to watch the traffic you’d … Continue reading “HOWTO: Use IdentD with OSX Yosemite”

Fixing “XMLGregorianCalendarImpl is internal proprietary API and may be removed in a future release”

While running builds I noticed the following warning from Maven.. XMLGregorianCalendarImpl is internal proprietary API and may be removed in a future release Rightfully so if you’re not using the correct convention for this.. A quick look at Stackoverflow shows this: In short you need to leverage a factory pattern and get an instance … Continue reading “Fixing “XMLGregorianCalendarImpl is internal proprietary API and may be removed in a future release””

Scripts to select the default Java version on MacOS

Thanks to I found a neat trick to make it easy to list your installed Java versions and switch between them. Just add these to your .bashrc file: The java_ls command reduces the output of java_home -V to just return the version numbers and java_use is just a shortcut for the exports and path … Continue reading “Scripts to select the default Java version on MacOS”

Shellshock Exploit – Manually patching BASH

Recently the events concerning the Shellshock exploit have been all over the media. This one is bad.. real bad: Remote exploit vulnerability in bash CVE-2014-6271 However it’s entirely possible that your Linux distribution might not have a patch readily available if say, you’re running an older linux distro like Ubuntu 8.0.4 Fear not.. building and … Continue reading “Shellshock Exploit – Manually patching BASH”

An Open Letter to Legislators on the Second Amendment

I NEVER put political statements on my blog. In fact I feel my blog should remain an apolitical zone – I like it staying technology-centric. However in light of recent events, coupled with the fact that my legislators in Washington (such as Senator Patty Murray) have turned a deaf ear to my words, I think … Continue reading “An Open Letter to Legislators on the Second Amendment”

Setting up mail support in your Grails application

At some point in your Grails application development you’ll find yourself invariably needing your application to send mail.  With the Grails mail plugin, it’s a snap.  Essentially the mail plugin is a wrapper to configure a Spring MailSender instance.  And the Spring MailSender is a wrapper to the JavaMail API. As long as you know … Continue reading “Setting up mail support in your Grails application”

Grails and Legacy Data – Composite Keys in your Tables

When developing a Grails app, you don’t always have the luxury of using GORM (the Grails ORM) ‘out of the box’ against new schemas. Sometimes you just have to work with legacy data as you get it with little modification (if any). Today I’m going to show some of the tricks/traps for working with legacy … Continue reading “Grails and Legacy Data – Composite Keys in your Tables”

Reversing a String in Java

Today I’m going to go ‘back to basics’ a bit and talk about string manipulation in Java. In particular, let’s talk about reversing a string. Something that is taught in every 100-level computer science class. The premise is simple enough. Take a string as input, return a string with the sequence of letters reversed. So … Continue reading “Reversing a String in Java”

Ruby 1.9, TextMate and Segmentation fault errors

While tinkering with Ruby 1.9 in TextMate I found that Ruby was segfaulting on the TextMate Ruby Bundle output screen. /Users/codethought/Applications/ [BUG] Segmentation fault ruby 1.9.3p194 (2012-04-20 revision 35410) [x86_64-darwin11.4.0] Turns out you can fix the error yourself… as I found at To quote here: Edit the catch_exception.rb file in your Ruby bundle … Continue reading “Ruby 1.9, TextMate and Segmentation fault errors”